1xxx - Internal Errors


Internal errors which occurs independently from the user input, f.e. when some internal calculation is broken even the user input was correct or some external service provider has some trouble to perform the actions.


  • ProductInternalException
  • ProductBackendproviderException


1001Invalid paramsSome internal input parameters are wrong. Or some external service returns some unexpected result.
1002Payment checkin wasn't save in dbThe internal Yii dbt model/component for payment checkin didn't store given record in database
1003transaction creation failedThe internal call of procedure creating a transaction failed
1004payment container creation failedThe internal call of procedure creating a payment container failed
1005not capturedConnection with transact to capture given amount with trace_id was not succesfull
1006Invitation email sending failed!The invitation email could not be sent
1007Could not cancel loyalty transactionThe Cancel method of loyalty transaction returned false (something went wrong in backend)
1008Fetching available payment methods failedThe internal call of procedure which fetches available payment methods failed
1009Payment transaction creation failedThe internal call of procedure creating a POS transaction failed
1010Basket item creation failedThe internal call of procedure creating a basket item in secupay backend failed
1011VTC id not setNo VTC ID given to start prepaid sale
1012Saving PayPal communication entry failedThe internal call of procedure which saves PayPal communication entry failed
1013Webterminal not activated for account [ACC_XXX]Doesnt exist smart device (type: loyalty_webterminal) assigned to user account
1014Missing trace_idTransact trace_id is missing for given trans_id
1015Missing transact credentialsTransact credentials are not configured for your contract
1016Card validation failedUnknown value was returned by procedure call of "vertragsverw_karte_an_terminal_gueltig_4"

2xxx - Authentication Errors


All kind of errors which occurs when something is wrong with the authentication or the authorization, e.g. if the user have not enough rights to execute this action.


  • ProductUnauthorizedException (authorization is missing or session is invalid)
  • ProductNotAllowedException (ACL check fails)
  • ProductSecurityException
  • ProductLockedAccountException (General Account is locked)
  • ProductExpiredPasswordException (Password was not changed for more then 90 days)


CodeShortDescriptionDescription translated
2001Transaction was not created by secuconnect APIThe payment transaction was not created by using the secuconnect API. So not all required data can be loaded.
2002Invalid contractYou are not allowed to access the data of this contract.
2003Valid auth token required

2004Referenced contract access denied

2005Locked AccountLogin not possible. Please contact our support.Login nicht möglich. Bitte kontaktieren Sie unseren Support.
2006Locked AccountPassword recovery not possible. Please contact our support.Passwortwiederherstellung nicht möglich. Bitte kontaktieren Sie unseren Support.
2007Invalid CredentialsThe entered login credentials are invalid.Die eingegebenen Benutzerdaten sind nicht korrekt.
2008Start with debit method directly not possibleAPI user must firstly prepare the STX, so that the payment method is already saved in STX. Therefore sending it as execStart parameter is not needed and allowed.
2009Starting not approved, debit transaction not possibleIf the debit payment transaction was not prepared (scored) the smart transaction can not be started.
2010not allowed to start/update/prepare smart transactionThe current status of given smart transaction blocks the possibility of its updating, starting and/or preparing.
2011Not allowed to cancel transaction with statusOnly transactions with status ok are allowed to be cancelled for now.
2012Not allowed to handle loyalty transactionsThe given device is not allowed to handle loyalty transactions because no General Device is assigned to it or no Loyalty contract Option is set for merchant.
2013Not allowed to cancel loyalty transactionThe loyalty transaction which is related to given Smart Transaction is not the latest transaction of the merchantcard and can therefore not be cancelled.
2014Ident is locked

2015Invalid prepaid configuration on device

2016Password is expiredYour password has expired. Please visit {recovery_url} and assign a new one.Ihr Passwort ist abgelaufen. Bitte vergeben Sie ein Neues unter {recovery_url}.
2017Locked AccountHighest number of unsuccessful Logins reached. Your account has been suspended for 30 minutes.Höchstanzahl an fehlerhaften Authentifizierungsversuchen erreicht. Ihr Account wurde für 30 Minuten gesperrt.
2018password already used

Your password could not be changed because it has to be different then one of your last 4 used passwords.

Ihr Passwort könnte nicht geändert werden, da das neue Passwort sich von den letzten 4 verwendeten Passwörtern unterscheiden muss.
2019password too weakPasswords require a minimum length of at least 8 characters and contain a mix 3 out of 4 characters-types: upper-case letter, lower-case letter, Numeric and special characters (single, quotes, double quotes, ampersands and space not allowed)Das Passwort muss mindestens 8 Stellen enthalten und drei der vier folgenden Kriterien erfüllen: ein Großbuchstabe, ein Kleinbuchstabe, eine Ziffer, ein Sonderzeichen (Ausrufezeichen, & und Leerzeichen sind nicht erlaubt).
2020Not allowed to call finalize with mixed basket structure

2021Not allowed to start transaction with mixed basket structure and payment method [$method]

2022Not allowed to call prepare with mixed basket structure

2023Card is not validCard validation with call of procedure "vertragsverw_karte_an_terminal_gueltig_4" returned status "0" for given card

3xxx - Action Errors


Errors which occurs when the action can not be executed successfully, e.g. if some external data provider returns no reponse for the given input.


  • ProductNotFoundException
  • ProductDuplicateException
  • ProductUpdateFailedException
  • ProductMethodNotAllowedException
  • (ProductNotEnoughBalanceException)
  • (ProductBlacklistedException)
  • ProductUnknownActionException
  • (ProductPasscodeIncorrectException)


CodeShortDescriptionDescription translated
3001Cannot capture the payment transactionSome error occurs on capture the payment transaction.
3002Capture is not possible for prepay transactionsFor prepay transactions there is no capture call possible.
3003The referenced payment contract does not allow to create transactionsYour payment contract does not allow you to do this payment.
3004The current status of the payment does not allow to capture itThe status of the payment method does not allow this action.
3005Cannot cancel/refund the payment transactionSome error occurs on cancel/refund the payment transaction.
3006Payment method not available (for this customer)The scoring give some negative or unexpected result
3007Subscription not availableYou can not make a recurring payment for this payment transaction.
3008Payment checkin already existsYou can not add a payment checkin with given data
3009Payment customer already existsYou can not add a payment customer with given data
3010Payment container for given customer already existsYou can not add a payment container with given iban
3011Invalid payment transaction idThe given payment transaction id is invalid.
3012The mandatory field "transaction_list" is incorrectThe mandatory field "transaction_list" is empty or invalid.
3013Payment contract is missing assigned apikeyThe payment contract is not configured right
3014Changing the accrual flag is not allowedIt is not allowed to set the accrual flag afterwards.
3015Changing the accrual flag was not successfulAn error occurs during update the accrual flag
3016Transaction was not created by secuconnect api.The payment transaction was created by an other API, please use these to update the transaction.
3017Invalid contractYou are not allowed to access the data.

The referenced payment contract does not allow this payment method: {name}

This payment method was not configured into your payment contract.
3019Update basket is not allowedYou are not allowed to update the basket of the payment transaction
3020Update was not successfulAn error occurs during update
3021Prepaid contract already existsYou can not add a prepaid contract with given data
3022Not approvedIn the most cases the scoring brought a negative decision
3023account for [$email] already existsThere is already an account for this emailfür diese E-Mail besteht bereits ein Account
3024invitation for email [$email] already existsThere is already a valid invitation for this Emailes ist bereits eine gültige Einladung für diese E-Mail vorhanden
3025Unkown payment method $methodOnly predefined method may be used in execStart request.
3026Source Device not foundNo Smart device in session
3027invalid idobject with given id could not be found
3028unknown accountaccount can not be found by username
3029No scoring schema defined for given methodAs of now, scoring is possible only for debit and invoice
3030unknown sales typetype of prepaid sales should be "sale_item" or "sale_report", sale_item is taken for now as default
3031Payout transfer creation failedSome required parameter was invalid.
3032PayPal payment failedSomething went wrong with PayPal payment
3033Shipping information update is not allowedYou are not allowed to add shipping information to the payment transaction
3034Card is blacklistedCard validation with call of procedure "vertragsverw_karte_an_terminal_gueltig_4" returned status "2" for given card

4xxx - Format Errors


Errors which occurs when the given user input is invalid, f.e. if an invalid postal code (format) was given.


  • ProductFormatException


CodeShortDescriptionDescription translated
4001Smart Transaction start method with incomplete input dataYou can not start a payment for given smart transaction with incomplete input data (are needed: payment checkin id, payment customer id, payment container id)
4002No accrual parameter was givenYou need to fill the parameter "accrual" correctly.
4003Sub basket is only for sub transaction allowed

4004Sub transaction are not allowed

4005Your contract doesn't allow to transmit stakeholder payment

4006Sub transaction in sub basket is not allowed

4007Sub basket in sub basket is not allowed

4008The total of the sub transaction is incorrect

4009The total of the stakeholder positions can not be higher than the transaction total

4010The reference_id must be unique

4011The combination of name and contract_id must be unique

4012You can not mix apikey and contract_id

4013The given contract_id is invalid

4014The given contract_id is invalid (payment method not supported)

4015prepare method: payment container/customer not setYou are not allowed to call request 'prepare' of smart transaction without payment container/customer data
4016prepare method: unknown prepare methodYou are not allowed to call request 'prepare' with given payment method name (secondary id)
4017invalid salutation set for contact


payment trans creation failed, unkown payment method

You are not allowed to start STX with given payment type.
4019Payment container validation failed

4020No Loyalty payment availableLoyalty recharge is not allowedKundenkartensystem nicht aktiviert
4021Starting loyalty payment with incompatible identLoyalty recharge is not allowed if merchantcard was not setBitte fügen Sie eine Kundenkarte (oder Check-In) hinzu
  • invalid shipment date
  • invalid shipment service provider
  • invalid tracking code
  • invalid invoice number

4023Field transact_hash is missing in execGetCreditCardContainer's inputField transact_hash is mandatory for this method
4024Invalid date format for Bonroll app purchase order e-mailDate must be in format "dd.mm.yyyy hh:mm"
4025Invalid start method for STXTo call execStart in STX must be used one of predefined start methods, to be found in the model.
4026Wrong format of success or/and failure URLTo create iframe link it is needed to set a correct urls for success and failure case
4027Basket Info validation error

4028Basket validation error

4029Unacceptable quantity for basket item with ean 

4030Missing serialNumber for basket item with ean

4031Invalid input for getAvailablePaymentMethods method of General/Contractsis_demo has to be 0 or 1, and currency has to be a correct ISO 4217 currency code
4032Validation error(s): ...Validation errors connected with procedure data models
4033Validation error(s): ...Validation errors connected with payment data models
4034Cannot retrieve payment instructions for TA with status !== 85 (invoice approved)Payment instructions are available only for invoice transactions
4035[Prepaid] vtc_id not setNo VTC ID given to start prepaid sales
4036productId out of range (wrong ean13 format)product id has wrong format
4037[Prepaid] invalid vtc_idgiven vtc_id does not match any vtc id from given prepaid item
4038Validation error(s): ...Validation errors connected with 'prepare' request of Smart Transaction
4039The payment container has no customer dataThe customer id of the given payment container is invalid.
4040No valid payment container or transaction idThere are not enough payer information given, you need at least a transaction id or a payment container.
Stakeholder payments are only allowed inside the sub-basket

Sub transaction has no apikey

4043The total of the item is incorrect

4044The total of the sub-basket is incorrect

4045Customer Email is incorrectEmail in the Customers contact is different from the email in the Checkin
4046Impossible delivery configurationDelivery of order is impossible with current merchant's delivery configuration
4047Missing legal detailsError occurs when at least one of legal details document is missing
4048Validation error(s): ...Validation errors occured for CRUD operations on products