Name Type Description Notes
object String Object of general store [optional]
id String Id of general store [optional]
idOld String Old id of general store [optional]
merchant ProductInstanceUID General merchant of general store [optional]
facebookId String Facebook id [optional]
source String Source [optional]
key String Key [optional]
hash String Hash [optional]
addressComponents List<AddressComponents> Address components [optional]
addressFormatted String General store formatted address [optional]
phoneNumberFormatted String General store formatted phone number [optional]
geometry String General store geometry [optional]
name String General store name [optional]
nameRaw String General store raw name [optional]
photoMain String General store main photo [optional]
photo List<String> General store photos [optional]
categoryMain String General store main category [optional]
category String General store category [optional]
urlGoogleplus String Url to general store google plus [optional]
urlWebsite String Url to general store website [optional]
openHours List<OpenHours> Open hours in every day [optional]
openNow Boolean Open now [optional]
openTime String Open time [optional]
utcOffset String Utc offset [optional]
assignedBy List<AssignedBy> Assigned by [optional]
invitedBy List<InvitedBy> Invited by [optional]
hasBeacon Boolean Has beacon [optional]