Name Type Description Notes
object String Object of payment transaction [optional]
id String Id of payment transaction [optional]
merchant PaymentTransactionsProductModelMerchant [optional]
transId Integer Transaction identifier [optional]
productId Integer Product identifier [optional]
product String Product type [optional]
productRaw String the name of the payment product [optional]
zahlungsmittelId Integer The internal id of the stored payment instrument. [optional]
contractId Integer Contract identifier [optional]
amount Integer Total amount of payment in cents (or the smallest cash unit of the relevant currency) [optional]
currency String ISO 4217 code of currency, eg EUR for Euro. [optional]
created DateTime Created at date [optional]
updated DateTime Updated at date [optional]
status Integer WTF?? [optional]
statusText String Transaction status [optional]
details PaymentTransactionsProductModelDetails [optional]
customer PaymentTransactionsProductModelCustomer [optional]