Name Type Description Notes
object String Object of prepaid sale [optional]
id String Id of prepaid sale [optional]
status String Status [optional]
stock ProductInstanceUID Prepaid stock [optional]
item PrepaidSalesItem Prepaid item [optional]
itemgroup ItemGroup Prepaid item group [optional]
smartDevice PrepaidSalesSmartDevice Smart device [optional]
merchant ProductInstanceUID General merchant [optional]
store Store General store [optional]
contract ProductInstanceUID Prepaid contract [optional]
created DateTime Prepaid sale creation date [optional]
demo Boolean Demo [optional]
description String Description [optional]
amount Integer Amount [optional]
currency String Currency [optional]
commission Integer Commission [optional]
commissionCurrency String Commission currency [optional]
code String Code [optional]
serial String Serial [optional]
cardnumber String Card number [optional]
expireDate DateTime Expire date [optional]
providerDeliveryNumber String Provider delivery number [optional]
receiptHeader String Receipt header [optional]
receiptCustomer String Receipt customer [optional]
receiptZvt String Receipt zvt [optional]
receiptDealer String Receipt dealer [optional]
vtcTid String Vtc tid [optional]