Name Type Description Notes
merchant String Contracts Merchant [optional]
internalReference String The internal user id [optional]
contractId String Contracts id [optional]
demo String Is this a demo contract [optional]
debitProductId String Contract debit product id [optional]
prepayProductId String Contracts prepay product id [optional]
invoiceProductId String Contracts invoice product id [optional]
creditcardProductId String Contracts credit card product id [optional]
urlPush String An URL where your service listen for push notifications of the secuconnect service [optional]
allowTransactions Boolean Should allow transactions? [optional]
allowCloning Boolean Should allow cloning? [optional]
uniqueOrderId Boolean Bool, default FALSE. If TRUE, an error message will be thrown if you try to create a new payment transaction with the same order_id of an previous transaction. [optional]
scoring Boolean Bool, default TRUE. If FALSE, the customer scoring is disabled for your payment contract [optional]
sepaMandateInform String Enum [on_transaction, on_container, never], default “never� Option to send automatically an information to the customer when a new SEPA-mandate was created. [optional]