Name Type Description Notes
amount Number Total amount of payment in cents (or the smallest cash unit of the relevant currency) [optional]
currency String ISO 4217 code of currency, eg EUR for Euro. [optional]
purpose String The purpose of the payment. This is the later assignment of the payment is for example on the account statement of the buyer. [optional]
orderId String Specifying an order number. Depending on the contract setting, this must be unique for each payment. [optional]
basket [SecupayBasketItem] A list of items that are being purchased. [optional]
accrual Boolean Indicates whether the payment is locked for pay-out (TRUE) or not (FALSE). Standard value here is FALSE. [optional]
paymentAction String Specifies whether a pre-authorization (\"authorization\") or instant payment (\"sale\") is to be performed. Standard value here is \"sale\". The collection of the pre-authorized payment is made with the \"capture\" command. [optional]
customer PaymentCustomersDTO The customer object [optional]
redirectUrl SecupayTransactionProductDTORedirectUrl [optional]
contract String Contract id [optional]
container String Container id [optional]
optData SecupayTransactionProductDTOOptData [optional]
subscription SecupayTransactionProductDTOSubscription [optional]
experience SecupayTransactionProductDTOExperience [optional]