The PaymentContractsProductModel represents all payment contract product data.

Payment Contracts define the possible payment methods for the merchant and some other internal configuration.

Payment Contracts are also used for define the projects (sub-contracts) of a plattform or the merchants of a marketplace.

'object' => 'string',
'id' => 'string',
'parent' => '\Secuconnect\Client\Model\ProductInstanceUID',
'demo' => 'bool',
'allow_cloning' => 'bool',
'sepa_mandate_inform' => 'string',
'created' => '\DateTime',
'updated' => '\DateTime'

The PaymentContractsProductModel contains properties:

propertydescriptiontypepossible value
objectThe name of the smart objectstringpayment.contracts
idid of payment contractstring(3 letters)_(30 alphanumeric signs)
parentPayment container contractobject (ProductInstanceUID)-
demoIt's a demo contract
allow_cloningAllow to create sub-contracts
sepa_mandate_informInform the customer about the created sepa mandate
stringEnum [on_transaction, on_container, never], default “never”
createdPaymentContractsProductModel creation datestring2018-02-13T11:52:13+01:00
updatedPaymentContractsProductModel update datestring2018-02-13T11:58:30+01:00

ProductInstanceUID model

'object' => 'object',
'id' => 'id

The ProductInstanceUID contains properties:

propertydescriptiontypepossible value
objectProduct name
idID of instance