Name Type Description Notes
object string Object of smart device [optional]
id string Id of smart device [optional]
merchant \Secuconnect\Client\Model\ProductInstanceUID Merchant [optional]
store \Secuconnect\Client\Model\Store Store [optional]
vendor string Vendor [optional]
vendor_uid string Vendor uid [optional]
type string Type [optional]
device \Secuconnect\Client\Model\SmartDevicesDevice Device [optional]
routing \Secuconnect\Client\Model\ProductInstanceUID Routing [optional]
user_pin string User pin [optional]
products \Secuconnect\Client\Model\SmartDevicesProducts Products [optional]
description string Description [optional]
idle_screen_register string Idle screen register [optional]
idle_screen_terminal string Idle screen terminal [optional]
created \DateTime Created at date [optional]
online bool Online [optional]
terminal_type string Terminal type [optional]
base_version string Base version [optional]

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