About This Guide

SmartZVT links electronic cash registers and payment terminals with the secuconnect API. It offers intelligent device routing by secuOffice configuration or via the API. You can process payments and loyalty operations using the same transaction object. Furthermore there are service operations to do the end-of-day report or reconfigure the terminal. All data flow together in secuOffice.

The secuconnect API is a REST API to connect your systems with our manyfold services. Such services include payment, customer loyalty programs, selling prepaid products (like call credit), and our Smart Checkout, to give some examples.

This guide explains how to utilise SmartZVT and the secuconnect API for card payment at the point of sale (POS). It begins with an example to get you started. You should study this thoroughly to understand the essentials. After you have achieved this, you can refer to the remaining sections as needed.

Loyalty and e-goods (prepaid) have their separate guides.

Do you need more assistance? Don't hesitate to ask our friendly help desk. Your questions are welcome.