Access Token

The Access Token is obtained from the Back-end, after a successful authentication process. This token is an OAuth 2 bearer token and contains the following fields:

  • access_token: a string of 26 characters, where each character has a value of 0-9 or a-z (lower case). This value is sent with every request from the client to the Back-end, where authorization is required.

  • expires_in: The lifetime in seconds of the token. For example, the value "3600" denotes that the token will expire in one hour from the time the response was generated.

  • token_type: This value is case-insensitive and always has the value "bearer".

  • scope: This value is always null.

  • refresh_token: A string of 40 characters, where each character is a lower case hexadecimal character. This value is sent when refreshing an Access Token.

Example access token:

  • access_token: "jmn2qjkn92fcikgihu3na53gf0"

  • expires_in: 1200

  • token_type: "bearer"

  • scope: null

  • refresh_token: "aa0d46c18fa4f6e4597557da1f039002b6f87206"