Checkout Process with Smart Transaction

The simplest use case involves only three process participants:

  • your customer

  • your website

  • our secuconnect API

And it leverages only two secuconnect API calls during the checkout:

  1. create the Smart Transaction

  2. authorise and execute the payment at the same time ("auto-capture")

To track the progress or issues with the payment you need also to consume an API callback / push notification.

The process chart below depicts this very simple process:


More complex use cases also need to consider:

  • invoice payment needs to mark the shipment

  • the secupay Credit Card Iframe to safely collect credit card data

  • external payment authorisation flows, that can be done before or with the contract closure (PayPal, easyCredit, 3-D Secure)

  • external payment authorisation flows, that must be done with the contract closure (Sofort, giropay, eps)

  • separate API call to capture the payment (not available for Sofort, giropay, eps)

  • separate API call to mark delivery (for invoice payment; becomes due only after delivery)

These are the needs and options for the different payment methods:

Payment Method



Delivery Note

Credit Card


Google Pay

Apple Pay

SEPA Direct Debit

Invoice Payment







1 ) Card payment usually requires an external two-factor authentication unless the issuer bank grants an exemption.

This is the full process with auto-capture and external authorisation flows, available for all payment methods:


(Everything in dashed lines is optional.)

This is the same full process with explicit capture, not available for Sofort, giropay, eps:


It is also possible to combine both processes in dependency to the payment methods. So you can realise the authorisation before the final confirmation of your customer, but also allow Payment Initiation Services (giropay, eps, Sofort) after his confirmation.