Checkout Workflow

This guide is for the JavaScript integration of Smart Checkout. If you feel not confident with it, or before you start a new integration, please get in touch with our friendly help desk:Link

Using JavaScript integration, this is the standard checkout flow:

  1. The customer selects goods in the merchant's shop, and starts the checkout. At this very time:

    1. The merchant's shop adds the goods to a basket managed by secupay's JavaScript integration code.

    2. To start the checkout, the merchant's shop uses the JavaScript integration code provided by secupay.

  2. The customer checks out using Smart Checkout.

  3. Smart Checkout directs the customer to a success URL of the merchant's shop.

When all steps of the process are completed successfully, the Smart Transaction is waiting for a pending payment, or even ready for delivery. It is not guaranteed that the customer opens the offered success URL.

If the customer aborts the checkout, they are directed to the abort URL, if defined. It is not guaranteed that the customer opens the offered URL. They can also simply stop to interact with the browser or close the browser window.