Client Secret

The Client Secret field is a sort of password for a group of clients, where the combination of Client ID and Client Secret are used to authenticate clients within that client group. Client Secrets are a combination of 64 characters, where each character is a lower case hexadecimal character. Examples of Client Secrets are:

  1. c1285a470f0fc8f14f54851c5d8eb32f66b375b08fc869632935c9e6a9c7f8da
  2. 66b375b08fc869632935c9e6a9c7f8dac458fb5edb84c54f4dc42804622aa0c5
  3. c458fb5edb84c54f4dc42804622aa0c5c1285a470f0fc8f14f54851c5d8eb32f