Demo or Productive Transactions

You can create your particular Transaction in demo mode by passing a flag. This is useful for testing, especially during integration.

When you test with Sofort, you must always enter 88888888 (that is eight times digit "8") in the field for IBAN or BIC. If you enter a different value, the payment will be executed, even if the transaction was created in demo mode or on one of our test servers.

We also recommend that you display this information at checkout when working with demo transactions or test servers.

Smart Transaction
"is_demo": true,

For demo transactions, no payment is being processed. Demo transactions can be filtered and excluded in SecuOffice.

The demo mode is a boolean value:

  • true: The Smart Transaction is marked as demo transaction. The payment is not processed.

  • false: The Smart Transaction is handled as a productive one. The payment will be processed.

The default value is false, a productive transaction.

There can be different payment methods configured for demo and production. If a particular payment method is available in production mode, it must not necessarily be in demo mode, and vice versa.

Note: Do not forget to change the parameter when you make tests including our live system. Also do not forget to switch to production, when you go live. The resulting transaction cannot be changed anymore, but only be cancelled.