Demo transactions

You can mark a request and transaction as demo using the parameter demo. If marked so, the payment is not actually processed. There are also no transaction costs, shipments, nor statement positions.

When you test with Sofort, you must always enter 88888888 (that is eight times digit "8") in the field for IBAN or BIC. If you enter a different value, the payment will be executed, even if the transaction was created in demo mode or on one of our test servers.

We also recommend that you display this information at checkout when working with demo transactions or test servers.

Example request:

Request Body
"apikey": "6801fxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx7ace",
"demo": 1,

If the parameter is transmitted with the value 1 or true, it is a demo transaction. If the parameter is omitted, or transmitted with 0 or false, it is a real transaction.