Execute the Payment

We assume you have already studied and implemented the sections about the different payment methods. Remember, when you conduct the payment, you would call the sequence prepare/{method}, start to authorise and capture the payment. Or you would just call start/{method} if the particular method needs no authorisation. Both calls would answer with 200 OK and the full representation of the Smart Transaction.

When you call POST /api/v2/Smart/Transactions/{id}/start/{method}, or start without {method}, this marks the conclosure of contract. You need to call it immediately after the payer clicked Buy Now!, Pay Now! or the like. If you have passed delivery type collection, the new status becomes pending or collection, and a pick-up code is assigned by our API. It is unique per store.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
"object": "smart.transaction",
// ...
"status": "collection",
// ...
"delivery_options": {
"type": "collection",
"scheduled_slot": {
"start_date": "2020-07-06T12:45:00+02:00",
"end_date": "2020-07-06T14:45:00+02:00"
"code": "9217"
// ...

The pick-up code is at line 17. You should tell the customer the pick-up code along with the store details and the scheduled time slot.