Improve Customer Rating


This guide is for the deprecated Flex.API. Please don't use it for new implementations.

See Integration Options, and feel welcome to ask our friendly help desk.

You can improve the customer rating in three ways:

  • pass your customer ID to us;

  • share your customer experience with us.

The first helps us to recognize the customer correctly, for instance after marriage or relocation. So we can apply our experience to him, including credibility above average. The second helps us to trust your regular customers better, or to involve your poor experiences with a particular customer in our rating. Overall, this helps avoid rejection of good customers, but also to reduce risk.

Note: In order to pass the payment experience, you need a contract option to be set by our customer service.

You can pass the needed data during the creation of a transaction:

Example request:

POST /payment/init HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8;
Accept: application/json
Accept-Charset: utf-8
"apikey": "6801fxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx7ace",
"payment_type": "debit",
"demo": 1,
"currency": "EUR",
"amount": "15900",
"purpose": "Test order 1",
"merchant_customer_id": "1234",
"experience": {
"positive": "1",
"negative": "0"

The experience values in detail:




How often has the customer paid in time:

  • 0: no positive experiences with the customer so far

  • 1: one transaction paid in time

  • 2: multiple transactions paid in time


Tell us, if a customer has negative traits

  • 0: no negative experience with the customer so far

  • 1: customer currently has overdue open items

  • 2: customer has caused charge backs or paid only after repeated reminders in the past