Integration Process

This guide is for the HTML integration of Smart Checkout. If you feel not confident with it, or before you start a new integration, please get in touch with our friendly help desk:Link

We recommend the following integration process:

  1. Register;

  2. Develop;

  3. Test on-site;

  4. Test with us;

  5. Go live.

Better think of development and testing as an iterative process. Especially if your use case is rather big and complex, it is best to develop, test and possibly launch it in little steps.


If you would like to integrate us for a simple use case, you can test our API using the public test servers and public test account without former registration.

For complex use cases, we recommend that you register with us as early as possible. This ensures the best support, closest communication and fastest feedback from a technical and commercial point of view. After registration, we coordinate the exact solution, create master data objects and you receive the individual API credentials.


This process usually starts with becoming familiar with our API by studying the Getting Started section in our guides and setting up your IDE and project. You usually set up our SDK as well. Then implement the required features step by step.

While this sounds like it happens only on your site, we recommend keeping in touch with us. Ask our help desk early if the documentation is not sufficient, or if you run into unforeseen problems.

Test On-Site

Before you test with us, please do your internal QA checks. After the code is considered to be complete, test the new or changed functions thoroughly. Also check whether something has been broken that already used to work.

Test With Us

Before you go live with your application, we would like you to perform a few tests with us. We usually do some end-to-end testing together, and check whether everything looks as expected.

Please request our help desk for acceptance testing with a lead time of three to five days. If you are not in touch with us yet, ask our friendly help desk.

Go Live

When you go live with your application, you must switch from demo to production. You need to send productive transactions to productive servers ("live"). They must not have the demo flag (Payment Transaction: "demo"; Smart Transaction: is_demo).

If wanted, you can run some live tests right after the go live. Please use obvious test data, or if not possible, your real data. Work with little amounts of a few Cents or one Euro. Send us an e-mail to cancel the transactions right after the tests. Tell us the date and time of your test, the TA code and the transaction amount to identify the transactions.

We offer you to assist your tests via video chat, if you have a complex use case. Please inform us about the planned release date with a lead time of three to five days. This can be coordinated together with the tests.