Obtain the Card Details

You can check the card status and balance without a Smart Transaction. This is useful if a buyer only asks for the card balance.

The obtain the card details using the card number you need to call GET /Loyalty/MerchantCards/?q=card.cardnumber:{id}. You don't need to send a request body.

GET /api/v2/Loyalty/MerchantCards?q=card.cardnumber:9276004428481652 HTTP/1.1
Host: connect-testing.secupay-ag.de
Authenticate: Bearer qb56tjj1bcvo9n2nj4u38k84lo
Accept: application/json

You will receive a list of cards. Since you seek for a certain card number, there should be one match or none, for instance for a typo.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
"count": 1,
"data": [
"object": "loyalty.merchantcards",
"merchant": {
"object": "general.merchants",
"created_for_merchant": {
"object": "general.merchants",
"card": {
"object": "loyalty.cards",
"cardnumber": "9276004428481652",
"created": "2015-02-20T08:54:07+01:00"
"cardgroup": {
"object": "loyalty.cardgroups",
"display_name": "Geschenkgutschein",
"display_name_raw": "Geschenkgutschein",
"stock_warn_limit": 0,
"picture": "https://connect.secucard.com/ds_g/8e79737df1e2513db48908b342c3cc436edf501a"
"created_for_store": {
"object": "general.stores",
"id": "STO_2ZCZRU9V6U8QA7B49K94667UP6C4PJ"
"is_base_card": false,
"points": 0,
"cash_balance": 300,
"bonus_balance": 52,
"balance": 352,
"last_usage": "2019-09-12T10:52:22+02:00",
"last_charge": "2018-04-27T15:47:42+02:00",
"stock_status": "inactive",
"lock_status": "unlocked",
"passcode": 1,
"expiry_date": null

The card details are the same like those you receive in the Smart Transaction.

The card in our example has a cash balance of €3.00, a bonus balance of €0.52, making a total balance of €3.52 (line 39-41).

Monetary amounts are expressed in the smallest currency unit (e. g. Euro Cent).