On-Site Testing

General approach:

  • Test your business process end-to-end as far as needed to cover the entire payment process (creation of a transaction, authorisation, perhaps explicit capture, and push notifications).

  • Focus on integration between your application and our API.

  • For the present address only our test system.

  • Watch and check the API requests and responses.

  • Vary the test data to cover different equivalence classes.

  • Also test whether your software handles exceptional situations gracefully (negative tests).

Coverage instructions:

  • Test all payment methods at minimum once from beginning to end.

  • Test credit card payment with and without 3-D Secure (> 30 €).

  • Test failed PayPal authorisation, and failed Sofort payment.

  • Test with baskets with multiple merchants at minimum once. This can reveal calculation problems. Test likewise with multiple items per sub-basket, and with items having a quantity other than one.

  • Test with shipping to the same and to a different address at minimum once.

  • Test guest order, order with registration and after login, if your application allows this; each at minimum once. These cases require different ways to handle Payment Customer and Payment Container objects.

  • Test express checkout for credit card payment and SEPA direct debit, if your application allows this.

  • Test with a minimal address. We expect first and last name, street and house number, ZIP code and city, country and email address.

  • Test with a complete address. We also accept company name, an individual's date of birth (for scoring), additional address line, phone numbers, etc.

  • Test with unusual data, that could be sent to our API. This may provoke exceptional situations that your application needs to handle.

  • Test whether shipping can be reported.

  • Test whether transactions can be cancelled fully or partially, if this is part of your implementation.

  • Test whether your software processes the needed push notifications.

Testing instructions:

  • Check for proper transaction mode (demo or not).

  • Check for proper intent.

  • Check the status flow of the transaction. Does it match the process flow?

  • Check the other data (basket, customer, shipping address, amounts) to be proper.

  • Check whether your application responds proper in the ordinary case, but also in exceptional cases. For instance should a failed payment cause the payment process to repeat.

  • Check whether your application saves the received object IDs and data properly.