Pass Delivery Address


This guide is for the deprecated Flex.API. Please don't use it for new implementations.

See Integration Options, and feel welcome to ask our friendly help desk.

You can pass a delivery address during the creation of the transaction. The delivery address must be passed, if it differs from the customer address.

The correct transmission of the delivery address helps secupay to give transaction support and assess the risk of an order.

Example request:

POST /payment/init HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8;
Accept: application/json
Accept-Charset: utf-8
"data": {
"apikey": "6801fxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx7ace",
"payment_type": "debit",
"demo": 1,
"title": "Herr",
"firstname": "Max",
"lastname": "Mustermann",
"street": "Musterstr.",
"housenumber": "112 a",
"zip": "09555",
"city": "Musterhausen",
"country": "DE",
"telephone": "+4912342134123",
"dob_value": "01.02.1903",
"email": "",
"delivery_address": {
"firstname": "Max",
"lastname": "Mustermann",
"street": "Gartenstr.",
"housenumber": "22",
"zip": "90555",
"city": "Musterdorf",
"country": "DE"

You can also pass a company name. The format is basically the same as that of the customer, but it can be extended if necessary.