Pay the Full Amount or the Missing Sum at the POS Terminal

The payer can also make a card payment at one of our POS terminals. The card payment (maestro, girocard, credit card) would be processed by us. This can also be combined with loyalty operations.

We assume that you have already integrated our terminal with your cash register. You would call the endpoint POST /api/v2/Smart/Transactions/{id}/start/cashless instead of cash. This will start the payment process at the POS terminal.

If you have applied the card balance using POST /api/v2/Smart/Transactions/{id}/preTransaction the card balance would be spent first, the remainder is paid using the payer's credit or debit card.

Again, if there is no missing sum, you would just call POST /api/v2/Smart/Transactions/{id}/start/loyalty to execute the loyalty card payment.