Payment Containers

A payment container is an object to store a payment instrument of a customer. Currently you can only store bank account data. But in general it is open for all types of payment instruments, f. e. like credit card or a paypal account.

The advantage of this payment container is, that it’s allow you to store sensitive data and then use only the id of the container to create new payment transactions (without storing the details on your side). Depending on your access rights and on the sensibility of the data (f.e for credit card data) you are maybe only allowed to receive the masked data of the payment instrument.

When you transmit the customer id to this container, you are only allowed to store the same payment instrument once for this customer. Otherwise you will get an error. (But you are able to store this data to another customer when needed).

Using the secuconnect API one can:

Every API user who is able to access the payment service can create or update a Payment Container but To delete a Payment Container you need additional access rights, so for the most of the api users it is not allowed.

API uses following data structures: