Payment Contracts

The payment contract defines what payment methods and what additional payment methods you can use. To change something in your Contract using API you will need additional access rights for this(Currently only secupay users can delete or update a contract). Mostly you will be only allowed to get your data.

Sometimes you will get the access rights to call the method “clone” or “requestId”, which will creates new payment contracts (called sub-contract) with the same configuration of your payment contract. Then you are also allowed to get the data of your sub-contract (but not to modify them).

“clone” is when you want to create a sub-contract for yourself

“requestId” is when you want to create a sub-contract for a third party

Using the secuconnect API one can:

Every API user who is able to access the payment service can read his data, and get a list of all existing contracts.

The following parameter MUST be transmitted every time a transaction is created or updated

  • project

  • contact

    • salutation

    • forename

    • surname

    • dob

    • companyname (only in case of a company)

    • address

      • street (street_number)

      • postal_code

      • city

    • email

    • phone

  • payout_account


"project":"project_name 2018-08-29 #000000",
"street":"Example Street",
"owner":"Test #1"