Payment Customers

The customer is the customer of the merchant. There is an object created with the payment transaction. So in most cases "Customer" is the person who will pay the created payment transaction.

Customer is a collection of personal data and address.

Every time a new customer (payer) registered on the platform and wants to make a payment for the first time, it is necessary to transfer the customer data to the secuconnect-API. The created Customer-ID can then be reused for each future payment transaction payment

Possible actions :

Every API user who is able to access the payment service can create a new customer, read his data, update it, delete it and get a list of all existing customers.

API uses following data structures:

  • PaymentCustomerDTO

The following parameter SHOULD be transmitted on every update or create:

  • forename

  • surname

  • companyname (only in case of a company)

  • email

  • address

    • street

    • street_number

    • postal_code

    • city

    • country