Prerequisites for PayPal Payments

This guide is for the HTML integration of Smart Checkout. If you feel not confident with it, or before you start a new integration, please get in touch with our friendly help desk:Link

In order to use PayPal payments it is needed that our application can:

  • Create transactions and manage the payment process

  • Receive information about the progress or problems

Thus you must set up your PayPal account this way:

  1. Create App credentials for our software on the PayPal developer website at

  2. Restrict the access of the App credentials (details below).

  3. Set up webhook notifications for the App (details below).

  4. Register the App credentials in our secuOffice under "Payment" » "Settings" » "PayPal".

Needed permissions for the App credentials:

  • "Accept payments"

If you use subscriptions grant furthermore:

  • "Billing agreements" (inside "Accept payments" » "Advanced options")

Webhook URLs:

  • for PayPal Live system:

  • for PayPal Sandbox:

Needed webhook events:

  • "Payment Capture Completed"

  • "Payment Capture Refunded"

  • "Payment Capture Reversed"

If you use subscriptions additionally these events:

  • "Billing Subscription Cancelled"

  • "Billing Subscription Expired"

  • "Billing Subscription Re-Activated"

  • "Billing Subscription Suspended"

  • "Payment Sale Completed"

  • "Payment Sale Refunded"

  • "Payment Sale Reversed"

Please ask our help desk to guide you through this process if this is not intuitive for you.