Process Workflow

This guide is for the HTML integration of Smart Checkout. If you feel not confident with it, or before you start a new integration, please get in touch with our friendly help desk:Link

Since you use the HTML integration you only need to care about three process participants:

  • your customer

  • your website

  • our Smart Checkout

You only need to care for the integration of our frontend code with your website:


The payment authorisation can be more complex than you can see here. It can contain:

  • the selection of a payment method

  • to enter credit card details

  • to enter bank details and give a SEPA direct debit mandate

  • to make a 3-D Secure check for credit card payments, if required

  • to visit the PayPal payment page

Everything in this process is managed by our Smart Checkout, and you don't need to care for the details. The customer will only be prompted for the required decisions and details.