Process for Subscriptions

Subscriptions are possible with:

  • SEPA direct debit;

  • credit card payment;

  • PayPal.

The checkout process for a subscription is much like an ordinary checkout.

You need to have one or more Subscription Plans beforehand. The subscription is derived from it.

If the plans are not configured yet, please ask your project contact. Please keep ready these details:

  • a short descriptive name for each plan;

  • whether physical or digital goods;

  • billing cycles and cost, for instance:

    • a setup fee;

    • a trial period of 2 weeks at €0.99 each;

    • regular payments of €7.99 per month;

  • offered payment methods (direct debit, credit card, PayPal).

If you are not in touch with us yet, please address our friendly help desk.

More differences in the creation of the Smart Transaction are explained in the next chapter.