Production or Test Environments

We offer separate test environments in order to avoid compatibility issues, resulting from changes in our backend systems.

To benefit from our best service you should implement a server host selection in your shop or web application. You should be able to connect to either production or one of the test environments with ease.

When you test with Sofort, you must always enter 88888888 (that is eight times digit "8") in the field for IBAN or BIC. If you enter a different value, the payment will be executed, even if the transaction was created in demo mode or on one of our test servers.

We also recommend that you display this information at checkout when working with demo transactions or test servers.

These environments are available for development or production:


Base URL





Should be used during you development phase
and for automated tests.


Preview of new features which are maybe released in the next weeks.

Please use the same option names in your selection in order to avoid misconceptions.