Return URLs

Smart Checkout can return the user to the merchants website. The URLs cover both, successful or failed payment.

One can define static URLs in SecuOffice, or pass dynamic URLs to the Smart Transaction. The dynamic URLs override the static ones.

Here is an example how to pass both individual return URLs:

Request Body
// ...
"application_context": {
"return_urls": {
"url_success": "",
"url_error": "",
"url_abort": ""
// ...

Each return URL may have up to 2000 characters.

If there is a success URL, the user is offered a back-to-shop-link:


The abort URL is used when the user aborts the checkout process.


Please do not forget: It is cannot be guaranteed that the user really opens the URL.

If no abort URL is available the failure URL is used. If there is also no failure URL it is not offered to abort the process.

The failure URL is also used in the rare case of an unrecoverable error.