Smart Ident

An Smart Ident is a product with a special meaning; for example, check-ins and customer cards are Smart Idents. Smart Idents are managed in the Client SDK by use of the Smart Ident Service. A Smart Ident consists of the following fields:

  • object: this value is always "smart.idents".

  • id: string of characters starting with "smi_", followed by an integer number.

  • type: valid values are either "card" or "checkin". The first implies a customer card, the latter a customer checkin.

  • prefix: the first characters of the product code which could imply a Smart Ident.

  • length: the lentgh of the product code in case the product is a Smart Ident.

  • name: the name of the Smart Ident. Valid values are either "secucard Kundenkarte" or "secucard Check-In".

A Cash Register will typically match the product code of a scanned product with a list of known Smart Idents. In case the scanned product code starts with prefix and has <length> characters, the scanned product is possibly a Smart Ident. This can be validated by using the Validate functionality of the Smart Ident Service.