Step 3: Start Smart Checkout

The payment URLs in the STX are to be used to start the Smart Checkout. After the customer completed the wizard, he is directed to one of the return_urls, we have passed in the application_context before.

There are these payment URLs in the above STX:

  • payment_links/creditcard: offers credit card payment;

  • payment_links/debit: offers SEPA direct debit;

  • payment_links/invoice: offers payment on invoice;

  • payment_links/prepaid: offers advance payment;

  • payment_links/general: offers all available payment methods.

We simply open one of the URLs from payment_links in our browser. Here the variant for credit card payment:


And here the variant with payment method selection:


After completing or ending the payment process, the payer will be redirected to one of the return URLs. You can define return URLs for successful or failed payment, or in the event the Smart Checkout was intentionally closed.