You have seen how to integrate our Smart Checkout with your website using our secuconnect API. We prepared a Smart Transaction for the order, and started Smart Checkout fullscreen in a browser.

Furthermore you can:

  • Let our secuconnect SDKs make the work of assembling the requests, and parsing the response;

  • Pass more details to basket items, like a EAN/GTIN, or an article number/SKU number of your own;

  • Pass stakeholder shares, for instance to pay out sales provisions;

  • Let integration code provided by secupay start Smart Checkout in a layer;

  • Define static or individual URLs to direct the customer back to your page after successful or failed checkout;

  • Change the default language of the Smart Checkout;

  • Preset the Smart Transaction with known customer data.

Some of the mentioned things are described in the Reference section below. If you don't find the needed information, please do not hesitate to ask us.

There is also separate guide for marketplaces, which need to pass a mixed basket for multiple merchants.