Various Display Options

This guide is for the deprecated Flex.API. If you are starting with a new integration, please refer to the Guide for the secuconnect API: Link

There are a number of further display options. These are the most common:

  • You can change the primary design colour to your needs. In order to achieve this, you need our customer service to set the option in your particular contract.

  • You can customize the button texts for a single transaction.

  • You can customize the headlines of the basket, and of the payment hint, for a single transaction.

Example request:

POST /payment/init HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8;
Accept: application/json
Accept-Charset: utf-8
"data": {
"apikey": "6801fxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx7ace",
"payment_type": "debit",
"payment_action": "sale",
"demo": 1,
"language": "en_US",
"labels": {
"en_US": {
"basket_title": "Your Furniture",
"submit_button_title": "Pay now, and buy furniture!",
"cancel_button_title": "Back to ACME shop"

Here a screenshot for this example:


In order to change the payment hint title you would use the attribute payment_hint_title. You find an example in the section about the payment hint.