Start Smart Checkout by URL

If the Smart Transaction is prepared for checkout, you can access the checkout URL in the field /checkout_links/url_checkout:

Smart Transaction
"object": "smart.transactions",
"checkout_links": {
"url_checkout": ""

It is up to the merchant to offer this URL to the prospective customer.

A few suggestions:

  • It can be opened full screen in a browser using an <a> tag.

  • It can be sent via e-mail or in a chat window to a known customer.

When you integrate it into a web application you should define return URLs. There is a section below, that describes how to define them. But as you see it is not bound to a website or web application.

When you open the Smart Checkout in a layer, you need to consider that it might switch to full screen mode. This is needed for instance for the 3-D Secure checks.

The return URLs will always open in full screen and replace the former window.