Start Smart Checkout by URL

If the Smart Transaction is prepared for payment, you can access the URLs in the object payment_links:

Smart Transaction
"object": "smart.transactions",
// ...
"payment_links": {
"creditcard": "",
"debit": "",
"invoice": "",
// ...
"general": ""
// ...

There can be these URLs:




URL to make a credit card payment


URL to make a SEPA direct debit payment


URL to make a SEPA direct debit payment


URL to make an advance payment


URL to make a PayPal payment


URL to make a Sofort payment


URL to offer a payment method selection, if there are multiple methods, or the only method available

The presence of the respective URLs depends on your contract.

It is up to the shop to offer this URL to the prospective customer. Here a few suggestions:

  • It can be opened full screen in a browser using an <a> tag.

  • It can be opened in a modal layer that is able to show an arbitrary HTTP source.

  • It can be sent via e-mail or in a chat window to a known customer.

When you integrate it into a web application you should define return URLs. There is another Reference section to explain this.

When you open the Checkout Wizard in a layer, you need to consider that it might switch to full screen mode. This is needed for instance for the 3-D Secure checks.