The Payment Process

There is a special process if you carry out the payment including loyalty. You can either apply the card balance for payment, or not.

You can apply the card balance by calling the endpoint POST /api/v2/Smart/Transactions/{id}/preTransaction (or just preTransaction for short). The state would vanish if you udpate the Smart Transaction before payment (PUT /api/v2/Smart/Transactions/{id}). You would need to call preTransaction again, if you still want to apply the card balance.

The call to preTransaction returns, amongst other things, a field missing_sum. This is the remainder that cannot be paid by this card. If there is no remainder, you start it as a pure loyalty payment. If there is a remainder, you carry out the payment as usual.

After this you do the usual payment process. These are the possible payment and "start" methods at the POS:

  • loyalty: We execute the pure secucard payment.

  • cash: We track your ECR payment, but don't process it.

  • cashless: We process your ECR card payment.